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Upcoming Events: International Film Shorts

In collaboration with From East to West with Love we have created an open call for short films responding to the concepts of fusion, collision, translation, adaptation and transition. A selection of films will be screened on 27th September at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry, UK, as well as on the 28th at Kino Bodo in Lodz, Poland.


Fusion / To make manifest of the cultural diversity of contemporary urban realities, and intervene in everyday life, work and social conditions, with contemporary arts.
Collision / To provoke discussion, and be energised by the clash of ideas.
Translation / Of the ordinary experiences of life of Eastern/Central Europeans living in Western Europe and vice versa.
Adaptation / Illustrating different ways of adaptation through artistic practices – the use of arts as social intervention and as international relations.
Transition / Of contributing to a new impetus for cultural democracy in the city, and defining roles for art in the city’s development – on its own terms

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