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KALEJDOSKOP E-W is framed by a research project that is socially interactive and culturally productive. Within this framework many events will take place. The formats of each event will feature a range of items, verbal, sensory, literary and dialogic – with new combinations of each art form and types of performer or artist.

KALEJDOSKOP E-W will redefine ‘programming’ as itself a creative act: the program is not a static plan, but an act of engagement and responsiveness to the needs of artists, citizens (ex- or potential citizens, like recent immigrants, or refugees) and the city.

The formats will be devised from co-production, support, and encouragement. It aims to feature commissioned artists to create works that contribute to specific debates, dialogues, conversations, issues and concerns.

The formats will document the event, using photography, film and writing. It will be animated by particular questions, and prepared questions for discussion, informing participants and audiences alike; it will facilitate the engagement of an on-going process to identify new contributors, and start the dialogue with contributors, weeks or months prior to an event.

KALEJDOSKOP E-W has already held a major event – in June 2015. KALEJDOSKOP #1  was a micro-festival of cultural intervention – held in partnership with a city NHS mental health delivery agency (called The Pod, and held on the 21-22 June). This micro-festival (of around 100 people and twelve acts) was the basis for a forthcoming program for 2015-16. This program will feature (or develop the capacity to create):

> Public events: interviews, discussion, talks and lectures

> Art: exhibitions, installation and art works

> Media: photography, documentary film, internet

> Research and symposia

> Community and social engagement